Rainy day woman

Posted on January 11th, 2010 by Theresa

The reservoirs have never been happier, but on a purely selfish level heavy rain in Spain is always a pain. In our case, a downpour in the middle of night means leaping out of bed and sprinting across a puddle-strewn, roof-leaking patio-cum-porch, tripping over a bedraggled cat or three, charging into the kitchen and rushing down the stairs to the office to rip out all known plugs and telephone cables. If the thunder and lightening have already started, it’s probably too late. (Or at least it used to be, in the days before we had something approximating broadband. In the space of two years we ‘lost’ five external modems.) Then it’s back through the puddles and into bed, and pray that in the morning the electricity is still on. If it isn’t, there’ll be no phone line either, we’ll be hauling buckets of water out of the depósito and I’ll be eking out my three hours’ worth of laptop battery by candlelight. To be fair, things have improved enormously of late, and power cuts are far less frequent and far more fleeting than they used to be. At least we have a gas heater – candlelit baths are the best!

In case you’re wondering why we have to catch pneumonia (leaking roof aside) to unplug the computer and phone, it’s because our house consists of two 100-year old casa matas – a term used in Malaga to describe a one or two storey house or flat – separated by a lower patio and an upper porch. We sleep, watch TV, take baths by candlelight and do the laundry on one side, and do kitchen, office and guest bedroom on the other side. Half of the village swear they grew up / gave birth / died in one of our ‘houses’. They can’t all be telling the truth …

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