The Language Police

Posted on April 20th, 2010 by Theresa

If you’re a lover of  Colemanballs, malapropisms and all manner of linguistic slips then listen out for  ‘La Unidad de Vigilancia Linguistica’ on Fridays at 9.35am on Cadena Ser (in Malaga on 100.4). Forming part of the hugely popular Hoy por Hoy radio programme,  the section takes a look at some of the week’s best linguistic cock-ups by politicians, commentators and newsreaders and so on – many if which are sent in by listeners.  It’s great light-hearted stuff but there are also lots of explanations as to why certain expressions, constructions and turns of phrase are wrong. You need a reasonable level of Spanish – but listening to the radio – especially tertulia – type programmes (i.e. chat shows / round table discussions) is a brilliant way of improving your Spanish.  I am a huge fan of Hoy por Hoy and its long-standing presenter Carlos Francino. Breakfast just wouldn’t be the same with out it / him.

On this sample of Unidad de Vigilancia Lingüística you’ll hear such gems as  “traumatismo craneal en las costillas en la muñeca”, “unas consultas sin  carácter  consultivas” y “euros europeos”. The name of the programme, by the way,  is a play on UVI (pronounced OOvee), which is short for Unidad de Vigilancia Intensiva: intensive care unit.

Unidad de Vigilancia Lingüística

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4 Responses to “The Language Police”

  1. Valerie Says:

    MUST remember to tune into this. Carles Francino is gorgeous – he used to be on TV3.

  2. Theresa Says:

    Yes, he is isn’t he? With a voice to match.

  3. TORIL Says:

    Here some of ZPs (AKA Mr. Bean) perlas lingüísticas:
    “para estimular, para favorecer, ‘para follar’, para apoyar ese turismo”.
    “Tenemos que lograr unir al mundo para salvar la tierra, nuestra tierra, en la que viven pobres, demasiados pobres, y ricos, demasiados ricos. Pero la tierra no pertenece a nadie, salvo al viento”.
    “en el mundo solo hay una central nuclear en funcionamiento con más de cuarenta años y se va a cerrar dentro de dos. Es el Reino Unido”.

  4. Theresa Says:

    Oh how I laughed

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