Tipple number 1 – Anis del Mono

Posted on December 4th, 2010 by Theresa

With Christmas on the horizon it’s time to break out of your conservative imbibery, to take a long hard look at all those jazzy bottles lined up on the barman’s shelves – and dare to drink something different. Watch out over the next couple of weeks for  regular doses of useless but possibly inspiring tipple-related info. Kicking off with: Anis del Mono.

ANIS DEL MONOWhat better way to warm the berberechos of your heart than a nice liquoricy anisette? But whether you prefer to down it neat, on the rocks, with water, splashed in sweet black coffee, or mixed with brandy in a sol y sombra, which of the snazzily-labelled bottles should you sample?Anis_del_Mono (1) Well, if you fancy a little history and science along with your digestif, then go for the one in  the diamantine cut-glass and the scary-looking monkey on the front. And ask the barman for a closer look. Yes, that’s right, the head on the primate is none other than Charles Darwin. The design won a competition in 1897 held by Catalan entrepreneur and anisette producer, Vicente Bosch, and supposedly shows his support for the Great Man’s theory of evolution.  In the monkey-man’s hand, a parchment reads – or used to read at any rate – “Es el mejor. La Cienca lo dijo y yo no miento” (It’s the best. Science said so, and I don’t lie).

Tip: If you buy a whole bottle (red label sweet, green label drier, earthier), polish it off,  grab a spoon, and you’ve got a traditional home-made instrument ready for a rowdy villancico (carol-singing) session.

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8 Responses to “Tipple number 1 – Anis del Mono”

  1. Peter Harvey Says:

    Inspired by this I actually went out and bought a bottle today.

  2. Theresa Says:

    Now if you buy the green label too, you can mixboth – 2/3 sweet, 1/3 dry to make an ’embocao’, a popular tipple in Carmona, a town in la Sierra to the north of Sevilla where they make the stuff.

  3. Mari Pressley Says:

    We love Anis de Mono but have not been able to buy it in Arizona. Does anyone knows?

  4. eric Bellamy Says:

    Hi all, being a very regular traveller to BCN, I and my wife [ who is Spanish, from Jarafuel ] buy anis del Mono, to drink, more so to Drissel, on Ice cream , fresh fruit , ect, ect. wher can we purchca it in the UK ??, tried several venues, but only found from Germany ?? { Spanish/German origen ? ] which wil lincure a GB vat tax in import duty. so anyone know wher to purchase ??

  5. eric Bellamy Says:

    Hi , I noticed a remark made by a Maria Pressly, dated “20th, December 2010 @ 0756 hrs. where she says they ” make the stuff ” ie, in a town called La Sierra, to the North of Savilla ???. “Ani del Mono”, is made Only, in Badalona, Barcelona, I have been to the factoty, Perhaps She had one to many samples ???? [ ie, Piised !! ] E. Bellamy.

  6. Theresa Says:

    There are one or two makes of anis produced in Cazalla de la Sevilla to the north of Sevilla. One of them is the very lovely-labelled ‘anis del clavel’ – carnation anis. They have an amazing ancient distillery there. It all tastes good to me …

  7. JG Says:

    I am from Barcelone but I live in Los Angeles. Does anyone know where I could purchase this in the USA? Thanks

  8. MIKE DAVIS Says:

    DRinking a glass on ice as i write this just back from Gibraltar with a bottle , but you can get it here


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