Tipple number 5 – Crema de Orujo, the crawl-along-the-bar alternative

Posted on December 24th, 2010 by Theresa

Crema de orujo might not have the beautiful people-filled TV commercials, but it’s every bit as delicious as the latest fancy Baileys creation. Made from post-squashed-to-death grapes, orujo or aguardiente is the most shudderingly-blow-your-mouth-off spirit on the planet, with a 50 % alcohol content (that’s 100º proof!). Tamed with cream, coffee, cocoa and caramel, though, and it metamorphoses into a deliciously smooth liqueur that will have you licking your lips at / crawling along the bar to the nice-looking man or woman on the other side of the room. Orujo of all kinds is famously brewed up in back rooms all over Galicia, but of the commercial brands, try Sierra del Oso or Ruavieja, the one in the crock bottle that afterwards you can turn into a melted candle creation.

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2 Responses to “Tipple number 5 – Crema de Orujo, the crawl-along-the-bar alternative”

  1. Peter Harvey Says:

    At one time our local bar was run by a Galician who also had the concession to run the bar-restauranbt in the Galician cultural centre in Barcelona. We went there for dinner, in an obscure part of town. . Our friend offered to drive us home, but first he had to close everything up for the night — so, he went to a freezer and produced some bottles of orujo. It was home made so he couldn’t sell it but he could legally serve it to his friends. There were several varieties, sweet, dry, with herbs and so on and they were all in old whisky bottles. We decided that we liked the Dimple Haig orujo best.

  2. theresa Says:

    Sounds good. Don-t know that one, though. THis year when I did the camino ingles (sorry English keyboard) we (I and fellow walkers) got into the habit of starting the day with orujo de hierbas – probably my favourite.

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