Garlic Moments: At The Pharmacy

Posted on November 4th, 2012 by Valerie

Take heart, everyone.  I’ve been here for 39 years and the other day I made the most dreadful clanger at a pharmacy in Granada, where I was having a few days holiday. I suppose my castellano is a bit rusty as I mostly speak Catalan and English, but in fact I could have made exactly the same howler in Catalan.

I needed some ear plugs and asked for ‘tapones de acero.’

“Quiere decir, de cera,” said the pharmacist without turning a hair.

I felt such a fool.  I’d asked for ear plugs made of steel instead of wax.

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3 Responses to “Garlic Moments: At The Pharmacy”

  1. Sally Poulson Says:

    Many years ago there was a bar in Madrid that specialized in roast chicken — everything from whole chickens to take away to delicious hot chicken sandwiches. My friend, a relatively new Spanish learner, very carefully and clearly asked for “un bocadillo de polla, por favor,” and possibly to this day doesn’t know why the whole bar burst out laughing.

  2. katina Vaselopulos Says:

    Valerie, if that was the only mistake you have made, you are OK!

    Interesting site…I will visit once in a while!

  3. Jeff Says:

    Honest mistake, considering the similarity between acero and cera.

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