Café con hielo: DIY-style

Posted on July 14th, 2013 by admin

You’d think that ordering an iced coffee would be a simple affair.

Café con hielo in Spain comes like this: a double espresso cup of coffee, a long tall glass or a short fat glass with lots of ice, a spoon, and 9,000 bags of sugar. You – not the bar person – stir in the sugar and then pour the coffee over the ice,  into the saucer, over the counter and all down your new top.  Slinging in the boiling coffee without doing any damage is just one of those things that everyone else seems to be able to do effortlessly.

Should you want a milky iced coffee  (not typical here) you need to order “café con hielo con la leche aparte” (with milk on the side). Do stress that you want leche fría, cold milk, or you end up with not so much an iced drink as vaguely coffee-tasting water.

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