The Authors

Valerie Collins Theresa O'Shea
Valerie Collins Theresa O’Shea

Valerie lives in central Barcelona.
Theresa lives in Benaque, a hill village in the Axarquía area, east of Málaga.

Between them they have experienced first hand – in Spain, in Spanish, in Catalan – most of what life can throw at you. They have huddled in queues at 6 a.m. for work and residence permits, given birth, buried loved ones, convalidated degrees, sent kids to school, passed driving tests, rented, bought and sold cars and property, cared for the sick, had operations, survived renovation work, battled cowboy plumbers, Catch-22 hospital administrations, insurance companies and Telefónica. To say nothing of all the wonderful moments. All of which they have distilled in numerous published articles.

Theresa and Valerie first met by email in 1998 and work together by email, phone, chat and personal meetings when possible.