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Posted on November 4th, 2012 by by Valerie

Garlic Moments: At The Pharmacy

Take heart, everyone.  I’ve been here for 39 years and the other day I made the most dreadful clanger at a pharmacy in Granada, where I was having a few days holiday. I suppose my castellano is a bit rusty as I mostly speak Catalan and English, but in fact I could have made exactly […]

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Posted on June 8th, 2011 by by admin

Garlic Moments: Lost in Translation

Rosie Reay of Jesús (Tortosa) shares her hilariously surreal British passport renewal experience. Don’t you just love it every time you need to renew your documents in Spain? This saga has been running (should I say dawdling) along two channels. Since December we have been endeavouring to renew my mother’s passport. Under the EU you […]

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Posted on November 12th, 2010 by by Theresa

ode to the electronic ‘i’

It was one of my fellow teacher’s birthdays (er, does that mean she had more than one?) at work. She was very excited because her husband had surprised her with an i-pad.  Just a teensy bit envious, I pass the news on to two other, Spanish, colleagues. “Hey guys, you’ll never guess what Tracy’s husband […]

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Posted on September 21st, 2010 by by Theresa

Searching for Snuff

Have you heard about the new tienda de informática called Snuff? Bit of a weird name, I know, but there you go. In Málaga, of course, it’s pronounced something like ‘Ehnaf’ or even ‘Ehnah’. Which is where this story starts. I was in the electronics store Worten – to say it right in Spanish screw […]

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Posted on September 2nd, 2010 by by Valerie

Garlic Moments: A Train in Spain

Christa Mundin of Gandía reports on her trip home from Barcelona last week. Arrived home safely but very late after a fun-packed journey. I arrived at the station in Barcelona to find the train was delayed by an hour and a half due to a fire at Montpellier station, its point of departure.  No probs, […]

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