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“If you had to buy one book about life and how it is really lived here, this should be the one.” — Graham Keeley,

“Delightful to read and the provider of several belly laughs as well as a few ‘Oh, really’, this book is certainly worth a space on your bookshelf.” — Catalunya Life Magazine

“An A to Z romp, In the Garlic can be as addictive as Wikipedia. Billed as “your informative, fun guide to Spain,” In the Garlic is one book that actually lives up to its name.” —

“In The Garlic will answer all the questions you never even knew you had about Spain. The authors’ affection for their adoptive country shines through. A must-read if you want to take your Spanish from good to garlic-levels.” — In Madrid Magazine.

“Read this book cover to cover before you move and you just might be prepared not just to ‘get by’, reading and understanding the Spanish language, but for the cultural idiosyncrasies of Spain itself.” — Spanish Magazine

“As much a delight for recent arrivals to Spain as for the battle-hardened veteran. With a wicked sense of humour In The Garlic clarifies and illuminates some of the everyday social, bureaucratic and cultural hurdles that make living in Spain so much fun.” — The Broadsheet

“A forthright, warts-and-all A to Z of living in Spain, at times funny, at times just plain informative… captures both the frustrations and the joys of living in such a diverse country.” — Barcelona Metropolitan and Costa Brava Resident Magazine

“A wonderful book.” — Cadiz and Straits News

“I have lived on Mallorca for close to 48 years and studied both Castellano as well as Catalan and am ashamed to admit that in eagerly perusing In The Garlic (a great title), I found many words and phrases unknown to me. […] If you want a book to inform, enlighten and amuse you on Spain, its languages and customs, then In The Garlic is for you.” — Elena Davis, Age Concern News

“As one who arrived to work in the Spanish capital more than 35 years ago, I didn’t expect to find much within this book that I hadn’t picked up […] But how wrong could I be? By the first twenty pages – while still in the A-list – I found myself absorbing snippets that I’d overlooked or never come across in the past.” — Danny Collins, Costa del Sol News.

“A must-read for anybody interested in the Spanish language and all of its quirks! In the Garlic gives a wonderful insight into everyday language use that will help you understand words which would previously have left you scratching your head! Valerie and Theresa have produced an educational while entertaining read which will leave you eager to try out your newly gained vocabulary on the locals!” — Clare Smith, Costa Cálida Reporter

“An excellent book for the newcomer to Spain, both for visitors and those moving to Spain (though more to the latter), In The Garlic is a humorous, well written and very informative A to Z guide to Spanish life. Valerie Collins and Theresa O’Shea have 50 years of living in Spain between them – and it shows. Though I often cringe when I read Spanish guide books and television programs written by fly-by-night visitors to Spain, this information in this book is accurate and extremely useful to anyone who spends time in the country.” — Damian Corrigan, Guide to Spain Travel

“We thoroughly recommend this humorous, informative book.” — Jimena Pulse